Best way to perform Cupboard Cleaning Process

Best way to perform Cupboard Cleaning Process

Cupboard Cleaning should be regularly performed in order to keep it clean, good looking and healthy. An unclean cupboard presents a sore sight for the onlookers, affects the quality of the stored items and provides a suitable environment for microbial to grow. Wooden cupboards are badly affected by insects, which thrive on eating woody substance resulting in reducing the life of the cupboard. Similarly, microbial growing inside the cupboard can spread to other parts of the building resulting in health hazards. It is, therefore, necessary to perform the regular

cupboard cleaning process both in domestic and commercial buildings. Cupboard cleaning involves removing dirt and dust particles from the cabinets, removing cobwebs, removing odor and microbial from the whole structure. It is recommended to perform the cleaning process out in the air so that the dirt and insects from the cupboard may not settle in other parts of the building. After performing the cleaning process, it is also recommended to leave the cupboard in open for some time so that it can dry and get exposed to fresh air.

Supplies Required to Perform Cupboard Cleaning Process

Supplies required to perform the cleaning process may depend upon the nature of the material. Different cleaning agents may be required for wooden or steel cupboards. Similarly, scrubbers and pads may be required depending upon the material. However, some standard supplies will be required in order to perform the process as follows:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: This will be able to effectively remove the dirt and dust particles from the cupboard. Cobwebs will also be sucked by the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with a long hose may be used for reaching all parts of the cupboard.
  2. Cleaning Agent: There may be stains present inside the cupboard, which will need a thorough cleaning. They can be removed with the help of a cleaning agent. An
    appropriate cleaning agent may be used depending upon the material of the cupboard.
  3. Soft Cloth: A soft piece of cloth will help in cleaning the stains.
  4. Scrubber or Pads: They may help in cleaning hard stains by rubbing. A sponge type material may be used for this purpose.
  5. Odor Remover: An odor remover may be used in order to remove the stench from the cupboard.
    Performing the Cupboard Cleaning Process
    Following steps will help in performing the cleaning process:
  6. Cupboard cleaning involves removal of dust, dirt, microbial and odor from the cupboard.
  7. Firstly, remove all the items from the cupboard until it is completely empty. Place it outside in the open.
  8. Secondly, remove the dirt from the cupboard with the help of a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner should be applied to all parts of the cupboard. This will remove most of the dirt and cobwebs from the cupboard.
  9. Now, the stains will be easily visible. Apply the cleaning solution on these areas and rub them with the help of a scrubber or a sponge. Continue rubbing until the stains have been removed.
  10. Now, apply the odor remover in all compartments of the cupboard.
  11. Leave the cupboard in the open for some time so that it can get some fresh air.