How to effectively carry out routine ear cleaning?

How to effectively carry out routine ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is necessary since over the course of time too much earwax and other dirt particles may start to accumulate in the ear cavity. Small insects and germs may also start to grow and multiply inside the ear cavity, which can lead to other problems such as infection. An unclean ear will also cause hearing and balancing issues for the people. Some people also experience ear pain when they do not clean their ears on a regular basis. It is, therefore, recommended to perform regular ear cleaning process so that issues can be resolved quickly and it may not become necessary to seek professional help. We will describe the ear cleaning process below:

Necessary precautions before performing the cleaning process

We recommend considering some precautions before performing the ear cleaning process.
They are given as below:

  1. Make sure that there is no infection in any ear since cleaning under such circumstances can prove to be counterproductive. In case there is an infection, we recommend seeking professional help.
  2. Make sure that eardrums are not perforated because in those cases, professional help may be needed and self-cleaning can cause more damage.
  3. Make sure that nothing is used during the process, which can result in a bad reaction.
  4. Make sure that the tools used during the process are clean or sterilized.

Steps involved in the process to clean ears

Following steps should be followed carefully:

  1. We recommend using a proper cleaning solution for softening wax accumulated in ears. The solution can be prepared at home by combining carbamide peroxide solution with Mineral oil and glycerin in an appropriate quantity.
  2. Make sure to arrange an applicator with the help of which the cleaning solution can be easily applied to the ears.
  3. Tilt your head in such a way that your ear is facing upwards. Now pour an appropriate quantity of the cleaning solution into the ear.
  4. Let this solution stay in the ear for a few minutes so that it can soften the wax and break the bond between ear skin and dirt particles.
  5. Now drain the cleaning solution out of the ear in an empty bowl.
  6. Now flush the ear with the help of lukewarm water so that wax and residue of the
    cleaning solution can be removed.
  7. Perform the same process on the second ear as well.
  8. Perform the process again in case the ears are still not properly cleaned.
  9. Dry the ears afterwards.