Raiders are about to move to Las Vegas – Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys

Raiders will once again leave Auckland, this will come to the relics of Las Vegas.

Not long ago, the proposal was absurd, but at the NFL team meeting on Monday, the team bosses passed the raids to Las Vegas on 31 to 1 votes.

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  • Raiders owner Mark – Davis has always wanted to build a new arena in Auckland, but always failed to do so. The idea of ​​creating a new arena is made by Mark Davis’s father, Al Davis, who has been looking for the team, so he has been looking for in Los Angeles and Las Vegas Better place to live. Nevada executives agreed to raise $ 750 million in public funds to build a new arena. Raiders are about to move into a value of 1.7 billion, with the roof of the gym, the fall of the wind will never blow from the pitch.

    However, the Raiders will not immediately move away from Auckland, Las Vegas, the new arena to be completed by 2020. Davis said: “Raiders plan to stay in the 2017 and 2018 season in the Alameda County Stadium, the 2019 season may also stay in Auckland.” But the NFL Alliance President Roger – Goodell said that the Union will be in 2019 Season to help them find a transition arena. During this period, the Raiders are still Auckland’s team.

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  • Davis said: “Raiders will be in the future to achieve greater success in the world of entertainment capital to build a world-class arena is the first step in the great cause of success.” Although the NFL team moved into a Popular, but the league’s most rebellious team is now involved in this wave. “In the past 14 months, the Rams, Lightning, Raiders have issued a statement of the team’s relocation,” Guder said in an interview: “leaving the raid, will make the local residents feel sad.”

    On Friday, Auckland officials raised 1.3 billion plans to build a new arena and spent eleven hours trying to convince the team owner. Local fans and a newspaper editorial department in San Francisco launched a petition campaign – Raiders in Auckland have a far tradition, the fans market is gradually increasing, Auckland need Raiders. Goodall replied to the officials that the proposal was not detailed and there was no clear and viable schedule, and that there were some obvious obstacles, although both sides had made great efforts, but that was not a complete viable option.

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  • It is worth mentioning that the only objection came from Miami Dolphins. Team boss Stephen Rose is very disappointed that the Raiders have lost their traditions. He also reminded the league, the team will affect the relocation of local fans loyalty.

    Raiders have a history of 57 years, has won three Super Bowl, their fans are known as the “Silver Black Army”, the fans are not only in the Auckland region, and even throughout the California. Team boss wants these fans to follow the team to any place. However, fans in Auckland have been waiting for the Raiders to rise for too long. The only thing that is worth noting is that they have chances to chase the championship before the team moves out.