How to Perform the Deep Marble Cleaning Process?

Marble cleaning is a process that needs to be performed regularly at homes and office buildings since marble is ubiquitous these days. Marble is a remarkable stone used regularly in the construction and designing of various structures in buildings such as floors, stairways, counter tops, pillars, etc. However, due to excessive and long-term use, the shine of the marble starts to fade and, dirt, stains, and scratches may start to appear on its surface. Therefore, the marble cleaning process covering all aspects of deep cleaning i.e. maintenance, removing dirt, stains, and scratches should be performed regularly. In this article guide, we will explain the steps involved in the deep cleaning of marble at home and commercial buildings.

Marble Maintenance Tips and Precautions

Some of the tips and precautions that we recommend in order to protect it from hard stains and scratches are as follows:

  1. Marble is prone to getting scratches when it comes in contact with sharp objects. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid placing sharp-edged directly in contact with the marble surface. It is advisable to use rags in the sitting area, paddings under the chairs and mats over the countertops.
  2. Dust may start accumulating and sticking to the surface of the marble structure. However, this will be easily noticeable, as it will affect the shine of the marble rendering it dull and drab. It is advisable to clean the marble frequently in order to avoid hard stains.
  3. Some marble structures in the house will be used more often than the others. Keep cleaning these areas with the help of a damp cloth i.e. a soft cloth dipped in water.
  4. After every time you have cleaned the marble with a damp cloth of water, it is advisable to dry it completely. Marble is also susceptible to water stains that can give an uninviting look to it.
  5. Use natural cleaners to clean the marble regularly as the chemicals can affect its shine as well.

The process of Removing Stains from Marble

Stains removal is an important step during the deep marble cleaning process since various stains may regularly appear on marble due to spillage and contact. The steps involved in stain removal are as follows:

  1. Rinse the stained area with the help of hot water.
  2. Apply baking soda paste on the stained area and let it rest there for 24 hours. Place a plastic bag on it so that it stays in its place.
  3. Now, after the appropriate time has passed, remove the plastic bag and clean the baking soda paste with the help of a soft cloth.
  4. The same process can also be performed using hydrogen peroxide and cornstarch in order to remove hard stains.

The process to Remove Scratches from Marble

Marble cleaning involves the process of scratch removal in order to restore the originality and shine of the structure. The steps involved in the scratch removal process are as follows:

  1. Clean the area with the help of warm water and a soft cloth.
  2. Now, use fine grain sandpaper for rubbing on the area having scratches.
  3. The gentle cleaning should continue until it removes the scratches.